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Special Fruit From Reb Yitzchak Isaac of Ziditchov
Every year on Tu B’shevat, the table of the Admor Rebbe Yitzchak Isaac of Ziditchov, z’tl would be surrounded by many chassidim and guests, and the Rebbe would distribute fruits to everybody present. 

One year, more visitors arrived than usual, and even the huge amount of fruit which had been prepared was not enough to be distributed to everyone surrounding the table. 

The Rebbe looked up and discerned what had happened.  He then said, “Is it fruit that you want?  Come close and I’ll tell you where you can find them.  ‘These are the precepts whose fruits a person enjoys in this world, but whose principal remains intact for him in Olam Haba…and Talmud Torah is equal to all of them.’ Go and occupy yourselves with Torah, and you will find numerous fruits without any crowding, besides for the principal which will remain for you in Olam Haba.      (Chayim Sheyash Bahem)