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Parshas Bishalach: Rav Shimon Schwab - The Women Sing A Song Of Faith
Rav Shimon Schwab asks, why does the torah interrupt between the Shira of Moshe and the Shira of Miriam by recapping and telling us "Ki Va Sus Paroh..." that Paroh and his men drowned in the sea, don't we already know that?

He answers that we know that the women of that generation had more emuna then the men.  "Bs'char Nashim Tzidkanios SheHayu BiOso HaDor Nigalu", they were redeemed in the merit of the righteous women.  Similarly on the Yam Suf the women showed more emuna.  Before the men sang Shira it says, "Vayar Yisroel Es Mitzrayim Meis Al Sfas HaYam", the men were worried and said, just like we escaped on this side, maybe the Mitzrim escaped on the other side.  Therefore Hashem washed the Mitzri bodies onto the shore for them to witness first hand.  Only then "Az Yashir" did they begin to sing Shira.

Not so our Nashim Tzidkanios, the Torah tells us.  "Ki Va Sus Paroh B'Richbo U'Parashav Bayam, VaYashev Hashem Aleihem Es Mai HaYam", as soon as waters came tumbling down on the Mitzrim in the Yam... "U'Bnei Yisroel Halchu Bayabasha B'Soch HaYam", even as the Bnei Yisroel were still walking through the Yam... "VaTikach Miriam HaNevia..." the women were already saying Shira.  The women believed, and they were sure that Hashem had performed a great Nes without asking for the evidence.