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Parshas Bo - Paroh Dares Moshe To Take The Kids To Shul

After having second thoughts and calling back Moshe and Aharon after their warning of the upcoming Makas Arbeh, Paroh tells them (Bo 10:10), "Yehi CheinHashem Imachem Ka'asher Ashalach Eschem V'Es Tapchem."

"So be it. May Hashem be with you just as I will send you and your little ones." This seems to imply that just as he will not send their children, he will not send them.  Then right after that, he says, "Take only the men." Was he letting them go or not?

If you've ever taken a child to Shul, or anywhere for that matter, you know that in order to serve Hashem properly you need peace of mind. Peace from the children that is.  The Shalal Rov brings Rav Moshe Yehuda Leib MiKutna who explains with this concept the above enigmatic conversation between Paroh and Moshe and Aharon.

Paroh asked Moshe, "Do you think Hashem will be with you if you take the children?  With them around, it will impossible to get any real service done.  Therefore,  if you are serious and not just using this as a ploy to escape, then you will take only the men.  Your demand to take the children undermines your secret intention to escape."