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A Photo Shoot With Rav Shmuel Auerbach
My son was turning three years old and it was time for his upsherin. Since I learned occasionally in the Bais Medrash of Rav Shmuel Auerbach's Yeshiva and saw him once a week, with some nudging from wife I garnered the courage to ask him to do the honors and cut the first snips.  When I managed to ask him, he told me that he is not the best barber but if I want I could come to him after Shachris.

So we got all ready for the big event.  We made sure to bring everything we needed for the occasion; scissors, candies, and a camera.  When we arrived, Rav Shmuel was learning Chumash with a few talmidim huddled around his shtender.  Wrapped in talis and tefilin with his face shining, it looked like a scene from the past.  Finally the group dispersed and one of the talmidim came to tell us that Rav Shmuel was ready for us.

Nervously we approached.  I think my boys were more terrified then I was.  He wished us Sholom Aleichem and asked my son his name.  As I started fumbling with the scissors he asked, "where is the camera".  Of course, the camera! I took it out and he called one of his talmidim to take a picture.

He held up the scissors and took a snip.  He then turned to his talmid and asked if the flash went off.  His talmid said yes.  Rav Shmuel said he didn't see it and he should take another picture.  He then held up the piece of hair that he had snipped off, together with the scissors, as if he was cutting it for the first time, and posed for the camera.  I couldn't believe my eyes.

It may be a fake pose, but it was one of the most genuine and thoughtful displays of kindness that we are fortunate to have hanging on the wall of our home.  Our gedolim don't waste their time with fulfilling mundane requests.  They go from the epitome of the world with their torah and tefila to the height of chesed with their incredible care for every simple Jewish adult and child alike.