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Sefer Chareidim: 17 Requirements For Each Mitzva
The Sefer Chareidim says that when you do a mitzva you must do it B'Shleimus.  There are 17 requirements to doing a mitzva with perfection.  When you do this the mitzva will go up before Hashem and it will be received with Ratzon.  Only then will we avoid embarrassment in the world to come.

It is written that for each mitzva when you come to Shamayim there will be a Bais Din that determines if you have done the mitzva.  Each mitzva though, will have many Batei Din, each one for a specific aspect of that mitzva.  When they ask you if you did a mitzva and you did it out of fear but not out of love for example, the Bais Din of Ahava will determine that you have not performed that mitzva.  This is what will happen in each one of the 17 Batei Dinim.

Read the list an ask yourself, is there any mitzva that I have really done B'Shleimus?  Click here to see full list.