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Stay Connected With 100 Brachos

Rav Shimshon Pincus says that life is about connecting with Hashem.  If we are connected, we will carry out our role and not forget why we are here.  If we are connected we will never lack any of the abundant blessings that we need to be successful in life.

In the days of Dovid HaMelech there was a plague and 100 people were dying each day.  Dovid HaMelech realized that death comes from being cut off from the source of life.  He needed to rectify this by reconnecting his generation with Hashem in a concrete manner.  He therefore was Misaken that a person should say 100 brachos every day.  The pasuk in the Chumash that hints to this requirement of 100 brachos not surprisingly talks about a person's need for Yiras Hashem. 

Bracha is from the word Breicha or reservoir.  With each benefit we get from Hashem we need to look up and acknowledge the source.  By doing this we never end up going very long throughout the day without connecting to that source since we are constantly on the receiving end of some divine benefit.  Our day becomes filled with tefila and thanks and Hashem is always nearby at hand.  The Rambam says (Brachos 4:1) that brachos are to remember Hashem, always.

On Revach Lists are two lists of the daily 100 brachos but calculated slightly differently.  In addition it does not include the numerous Brachos we make when eating snack or going to the bathroom.  The list is for a typical weekday.  Shabbos and Yom Tov when we don't say a full Shemoneh Esrei fall short in their basic count but are made up through extra eating and other ways.  To see Revach List of 100 Brachos Click Here