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A Galus As Long As A Broken Traffic Light
There is a old Mashal regarding a wagon ride through an unusually long night.  I will share with you a modern day version that I witnessed personally.  Many years ago as a bochur I had the privilege of getting a ride back from an out of city chasuna with one of the great baalei tzedoka of our generation.  My friend and I sat quietly in the back seat while our gracious host drove, and his wife sat in the passenger seat.

When we stopped at a red light, our host started looking at some papers lying next to him.  Deep in thought, the green light came and went but he didn't notice.  After it was turned red again he quickly glanced up to see if he could go.  Seeing it was red he went right back to his papers.  This happened two times.  After the third time that he missed the light, he got very frustrated and says to his wife, "it must be broken", as he drove right through it.

Why is it still dark outside?  Why hasn't the geula arrived?  Why doesn't Moshiach come?  Said the Magid to the Chofetz Chaim, Moshiach and the geula have come and gone on numerous occasions.  We were so busy fiddling with our papers that we didn't notice.  Every now and then, we pick our heads and look around wondering why we don't see him yet.  If only we'd keep our eyes open all the time, we would have cruised past the green light, and long ago arrived at our ultimate destination.