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Snuffing Out Your Competition?

There were two competing factories in Israel who fought for dominance in their particular market.  They were the only two producers of the products they made.  One of the factories was located near the northern border of Eretz Yisroel and the other in Emek Yizrael. 

During the early part of the second Lebanon war in 2006 the factory near the northern border was hit by a katyusha rocket and production ground to a halt due to the damage to the factory's infrastructure, let alone the danger of continuing rocket assaults.  This was a severe blow to a factory fighting for market share with a tough competitor.

The two owners did not know each other personally, they only knew of each other through the marketplace and the customers whom they competed for.  The owner of the damaged factory was shocked to receive a phone call late one night from his competitor whom he had never spoken to before.  His competitor offered him a proposition.  He said that since his factory only worked the daytime shift, he is offering the owner of the northern factory to bring his people to Emek Yizrael and produce over there, until his factory is functional once again.  This way he can continue supplying his customers with the goods they ordered, and desperately need.

Instead of taking advantage of his competitors downfall, this non-religious Jew opened up his arms to rescue his rival.  When interviewed on the radio and applauded for his remarkable kindness and sacrifice he commented, what else does one Jew do for another in times of trouble?

Umi K'Amcha Yisroel!