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Chanukah: Answer To The Bais Yosef's Question - Hashem Is The Eighth Candle
The Holocaust was one of the darkest periods in Jewish history.  Atrocities, on a such grand scale that were previously unfathomable, ravaged the Chosen Nation.  Where was Hashem in all this?  The Satmar Rov, when asked by someone to give him a Bracha said, don't ask me, ask someone with numbers tattooed in his arm who still believes in Hashem.  Someone who found  Hashem in their darkest hour is worthy to give a bracha.   The Satmar Rov himself and hundreds of thousands of other survivors and victims alike saw Hashem very clearly.  They saw awesome occurrences of hashgacha pratis and incredible miracles.  They saw the compassion of Hashem in a time of terrible Hester Panim, as Hashem for whatever reason hid from his beloved children, yet at the same time suffered with them.

True, says the Chasam Sofer, the first 7 nights of Chanuka were shining examples of how Hashem can change nature for His beloved nation.  Yet the eighth candle was a miracle of equal proportion.  It was the miracle of Teva, nature.  The eighth night is a miracle only for those looking for Hashem.  They will find Him in the flickering flame.  They will understand that it is Hashem who makes oil burn.  They will understand that making the oil remain or disappear makes no difference to Hashem whatsoever.

This is the Nes of the eighth and final night.  It is the miracle that we will carry with us for the entire year.  It is through this flame that we will know that all the mundane happenstances are not mundane at all.  It is part of His master plan, every stubbed toe, every disappointment, and every drop of success and simcha as well.  It is this dim light that will keep us warm in the darkness of what is left of our long Galus.  When all others see only the black, we will see the light.  Hashem can hide but he is still very much there in the flickering flame for all those who care to look.