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Chanukah: Answer To The Bais Yosef's Question - Because Eight Is Torah
If the found one jug of oil which lasted 8 days wasn't the miracle only for seven days?  This is the famous Chanuka question of the Bais Yosef.  There are many answers given like, one day is celebration for the victory, or for finding the jug itself.

Maybe we can offer as follows.  Rav Dovid of Kotzk the son of the Kotzker Rebbe says that the Nes we celebrate on Chanuka is that we were saved from "L'Hashkicham Torasecha", the enemy tried to make us forget the Torah.  To a great degree they were successful and aside for the small group of Chashmonaim, who miraculously overcame a powerful enemy, most of the nation was already lost to the trappings of the Greek ideology. On Chanuka, thanks to the mesiras nefesh for torah of the Macabim, our nation was to a great degree restored to its senses.

The Maharal MiPrague says that Teva or nature is governed by the number seven.  Hashem created the natural world in seven days.  Torah is one step above that and is represented by the number eights, which is above Teva.  The world is simply a stepping stone to get to Torah.  Hashem made the world.  It is our job to go beyond that and fill it with Torah.  We see this in Tehilim 19, where Dovid marvels at Hashem's creation of nature in the first seven pasukim.  In the next eight pasukim, he describes the Torah.

On Chanuka, the light of Torah lit up the darkness that descended upon us with the Greek culture.  The Yom Tov of Chanuka is the celebration of lights, the light of torah.  It is a celebration of eight, a celebration beyond Teva.  It is a celebration for us to out do nature and turn the world into a world of torah.