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Parshas Vayeishev: Rav Shimon Schwab - Yehuda's Good Friend The Adulami
When Yehuda got back home from the episode with Tamar he needed to send the goat's he promised Tamar and to retrieve his possessions that he left with her as a guarantee.  The torah says (38:20) he sent it with "his friend the Adulami".  We already know that Chira the Adulami was his friend (38:12).  Why does the torah make sure to point out again that he sent it with his friend?

Rav Shimon Schwab in Mayan Bais HaShoeva answers that the definition of a friend is someone who you can turn to and tell him about your big mistakes and aveiros.  Someone you can count on to encourage you and get you out of your mess and back on the right track.  That is the meaning of the pasuk in Mishlei (27:10) "Rei'acha V'Rei'a Avicha Al Taazov", your friend and your father's friend, meaning your Tatte in Himmel, do not abandon. A real friend of yours is also a friend of Hashem.  After coming home and realizing his mistake, Yehuda was fortunate to have a good friend to turn to.