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Time To Turn Your Lights On
Rav Leib Chasman tells about a villager who saves up enough money to go to the movies in the big city.  He sits back in his seat as the lights are turned off.  This makes him curious, but he doesn't say anything.  The movie starts and he is engrossed from the beginning.  He is blown away by the things that are taking place in this little room before his very eyes, he can't believe it.  During all the excitement he again wonders why the lights are off.  He wants to see more of the car chase and thrilling action.  He wants to see the fancy house up close and maybe even go inside and explore.  So he decides to take the initiative to get out of his seat and turn the lights on, sure that not only will his viewing pleasure be enhanced but he will be a hero to all the people who are struggling, watching the movie in the dark.  The rest of the story you can imagine yourself.

We live in a world that has so much appeal, so much color, so much attraction.  We watch it and are amazed.  If only we can get some of those things for ourselves instead of watching other people enjoy them.  How we wish we could turn on the lights and see more, and somehow grab some of it.  How wrong we are.  Olam HaZeh only looks good with the lights off.  Once you turn on the lights, it disappears as the truth becomes clear.  You are looking at a mirage.  You are looking at fake images reflecting off a an empty screen.   Maybe it is time to turn the lights on.