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The Chazon Ish - If You Can Bring Me Just Two Good Men
An avreich once approached the Chazon Ish seeking his advice on which of two job offers he should accept.  The avreich told the Chazon Ish that the first offer was to serve as a maggid shiur in a small yeshivah.  He also explained that if he did not accept this offer, there were definitely others who would be happy to accept the position.  The second offer was to serve as a kashrus mashgiach for the Rabbanut.  The avreich mentioned that if he accepted this position, he would be able to purify the whole country with kosher foods.

The Chazon Ish inquired of the avreich whether he would be capable as a maggid shiur of influencing at least two of his talmidim to continue learning during bein hazemanim exactly as they did during the zeman.  The avreich answered that he thought he would be capable of this.  The Chazon Ish then said, “You should know that two bochurim who will learn during bein hazemanim as if it was the middle of the zeman is worth far more than purifying Eretz Yisrael with kosher foods!”   (Told over by R’ Matisyahu Solomon, shlita, Mashgiach Ruchni of Lakewood - Chayim Sheyash Bahem)