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Ben Ish Chai - A Clever Fox Knows Where His Heart Is

The lion is in dire straits and he needs good advice in order to get out of it.  The unfortunate fox crosses the lion's path, with no way of escape. "Tell me Mr. Fox", says the lion.  "I hear you are very clever.  I need you help to solve my problem."  The fox realizes he is in big trouble now.  He tells the lion, "it is true that I am very smart and I can help you.   But you know, my wisdom is in my heart and I happened to have left it in my cave this morning in my hurry leave.  If you will permit me to quickly scamper back to my home, just momentarily, I will gladly get my heart and then help you."  A clever fox indeed.

The Ben Ish Chai tells a story of a pious woman who was on the way to Shul, when she was stopped by one of the town Leitzanim.  "Where are you running to", laughed the man.  "To daven in Shul", she answered.  "But where is your siddur?  Shouldn't you run back home and get it?"  "My Siddur is deep within me, as I daven from my heart" replied the women.  "I see you have your siddur, but you should run back home and get your heart, just like the fox!" she said.  
"Can you do me a favor and run to my house and get my heart for me", asked the man?  "I'd love to", said the women, "But I don't know where you put it."  "Is it with your wife or is it in your factory?  Is it on the ocean in a freight container?  Is it in London?  Is it in Paris?  Only you know where it is, so you should go get it yourself!"

When going to Shul, says the Ben Ish Chai, your heart is most essential.  Don't leave home without it!