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Shavuos: Rus Does Sefiras HaOmer and So Can We

Each day of sefira we work on one of the 7 times 7 middos of the sefiros (chesed, gvura, tiferes, netzach, hod, yesod, malchus). The counting of Sefiras HaOmer culminates on Shavuos, the day we received the Torah. We also read Rus on this day. What is the connection between all this?

Rus the Moavi who was as far removed from Judaism as possible. Marriage with a Moavi Giyores was seriously questioned. Yet she rose to become the Matriarch of the Jewish Kingdom and Moshiach. It started with Chesed to her Husband and Mother-in-Law. It then continued with the incredible courage and steadfastness (Gvura) to follow her destitute mother in law to a land foreign to her. Her beautiful middos quickly earned her a sterling reputation (Tiferes). She undertook full support of the aging Naomi (Netzach V'Hod). She married Boaz (Yesod) and ultimately gave birth the Malchus Yisroel.

Same story with the Torah and Am Yisroel. We started from nothing with Avrohom's Chesed. We proceeded with Yitzchok's courage at the akeida - Gevura. Yaakov's torah - Tiferes, Yosef's kedusha in fending off Potifar's wife - Yesod and Moshe and Aharon - Netzach and Hod. This culminated with Kabalas HaTorah on Har Sinai where Hashem calls us a Mamleches Kohanim - Malchus.

This is the roadmap for success in our personal lives as well. No matter where we stand today we can all rise to amazing heights. Start with Chesed and keep on going. The sky is the limit!