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Parshas Chayei Sara: Ksav Sofer - Is Your Daughter's Shidduchim Making Your Hair Turn White?
"V'Avrohom Zakein Ba Bayamim VaHashem Beirach Avrohom Bakol; Avrohom was aging and moving on in years and Hashem blessed him with everything." (24:1)  The Gemara Bava Basra,  (15) quotes Rebbi Meir who says that this means he did not have daughters.  How does he know this. 

The Ksav Sofer answers in a light hearted manner, that the Rambam wrote in a letter to his son, telling him that his hair was getting white from trying find a suitable match for his single daughter.  Here, the Torah tells us that Avrohom was aging, because he was reaching an advanced age.  Since this aging was a natural process, it was apparent that he did not have any daughters, or else he would have aged long ago, due to the pressures of finding a Shidduch for his daughter.