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Are You Writing A Moving Hesped?
Rav Elyashiv tells a Mashal about a Rov of a small town who was not very good at giving Drashos.  It would take take him four to five months just to prepare his Shabbos HaGadol and Shabbos Shuva drashos.  He realized that this is okay for these kinds of drashos where he has plenty of time to prepare, but what will he do when one of the distinguished member of the Kehila die and he is left to prepare a drasha on short notice? 

He decided to start writing hespeidim for the living member of his community, so that after they reach 120 he will be prepared to give his drasha.  One day a fire broke out in town.  As chaos reigned and the Rov was hurrying to save his belongings, someone saw spread out all over the street, hespeidim on Reb Chaim... Reb Getzel..., and so on.  The furious townspeople called a meeting and the Rov was fired.

Fools!  The Rov did nothing wrong.  A person's whole life, he is writing his own hesped.  A hesped is nothing but the sum total of your life.  What they did with their actions the Rov noted with his pen.  The big pen in Shamayim is constantly taking notes.  As we act, the scribes are are writing away.  They are writing our hesped.  With every action you take, think about how it will sound to the crowd of sad onlookers listening to the completed story.