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Parshas Lech Licha: Did Avrohom Use GPS?

"Lech Licha ... El HaAretz Asher Arehka" "Go to the land that I will show you."  The pasuk continues that Avrohom went to the land of Canaan. How did Avram know where to go if Hashem did not tell him where he was suppose to be going to?

The Ramban learns that he actually did not know where to go and he wandered around from nation to nation until he came to Eretz Yisroel.

The Baal Haturim explains that the numerical value of the word "Areh'ka" is the same as "BiAnanim"- with clouds. The clouds showed Avram where to go.

The Maskil L'Dovid offers another explanation. He is bothered why the pasuk says "VaYelech Avram Kaasher Deeber Aylov Hashem" - "Avram went like Hashem commanded him". Why does the pasuk have to repeat that Hashem told Avram to go, after the parsha starts off with Hashem telling Avram- Lech Licha - go to the land I will show you?  The Maskil L'Dovid therefore explains that the additional "Kaasher Deeber Aylov Hashem" is telling us that Hashem had an additional Dibur with Avraham where he then told him where to go. That is why in the beginning of the parsha when Hashem said Lech Licha it says "Vayomer Hashem El Avram" - using the language of Amira; however over here it says, "Kaasher Deeber Aylov Hashem" - with a language of Dibur - because this was not the same Amira as before.