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What Day Is Your Ushpizin?
The Minhag Yisroel Torah brings from the Sefer Toras Emes L'Succos that there is a minhag among tzaddikim that the day that the ushpizin is their own name they connect to the Kedusha of that person.  This is based on the Arizal who says that when a person is given a name, his inner root comes from the original person named by that name.  On Succos, says the Zohar, a person can connect to his root.

Even someone who does not have the name of one of the ushpizin can find his root in one of the ushpizin.  For example, Rav Simcha Bunim of Peshischa says that someone whose name is Zvi should heed to ushpizin of Yitzchok since it says by Yitzchok that the taste of the goat was like the taste of a Zvi.

The Elef LaMateh (625:19) says that it is good to say divrei torah about the ushpizin of that day.