Section: Hanhagos   Category: Ma'aseh Rav
Rebbi Akiva Eiger's Dream, To Be The Caretaker Of The Mikva
Rebbi Akiva Eiger the gaon and glory of Klal Yisroel, was Rav for 48 years of his life... and he considered every second of it pure torture.  He constantly thought of ways to exit the Rabbinate.  When he was already in his advanced years and he was the Rov of Posen and considered the Rov of all of Klal Yisroel, he wrote a letter to his friend in a neighboring town where the caretaker of the Mikva had died.

"In my old age I want to support myself in a permissible manner and not through issur, from my own handiwork and not from taking advantage of the crown of Torah.  Therefore I beg you to persuade the leaders of your Kehilla, on my behalf, to rent to me the town Mikva.  I am prepared to leave my Rabbinical post and become the Mikva caretaker in you city...  (Sarei HaMei'a 1:261)