Section: Moadim   Category: Sefiras Ha'Omer
Day 47 - Motza'ei Shabbos/Sun. - Hod Shebi'Malchus

Hayom Shiva V'Arba'im Yom She'hem Shisha Shavuos V'Chamisha Yamim La(Ba)Omer - Hod Shebi'Malchus

Bein Adam Lamakom - To thank Hashem you needn't perform any heroic acts. The greatest thanks you give (Hod) is to do what Hashem asks (Malchus). If you are a parent you know what I mean.

Bein Adam Lachaveiro - When discussing with a friend something good that happened to you don't forget to thank Hashem (Boruch Hashem, Chasdei Hashem) (Hod). This will increase both your audiences and your own willingness to acede to the will of Hashem (Malchus).

Important Note: The above insights are primarily based on the Sefer U'Sefartem Lachem from Rav Daniel Frisch Zt"l. Nothing written above however should be taken as his words only our understanding of them. Furthermore we have sometimes added our own explanation. Previous days and weekly explanations can be found in the archive at along with articles on the Parsha, Daf Yomi, Taryag Mitzvos, Words of Wisdom, Famous Yahrtzeits, Halacha, and more.