Section: DAF YOMI   Category: Lessons From The Daf
Directly from Hashem

The Gemora cited a braisa: If a scribe wrote a get for the sake of a specific woman, and the witnesses signed it for her sake as well, although they wrote, signed and gave it to the husband, and the husband gave the get to his wife, it is not valid until the scribe and the witnesses hear the husband's voice telling them to write and sign it.


It is evident from here that if one person tells another to tell another, it is not regarded as if the third person heard it from the first.


Reb Yosef Engel asks from a Gemora in Kiddushin (22b), which states: Why is the ear different than all the other limbs in the body (that it is chosen for piercing for a slave that chooses to stay by his master)? The Holy One, Blessed be He said, "The ear that heard My voice on Mount Sinai when I said, ‘Bnei Yisroel are slaves to Me, and not slaves to other slaves,' and this person went and acquired another master for himself, his ear should be pierced!" Why is it regarded as if he heard these words from Hashem? Bnei Yisroel only heard the first two commandments from Him; the rest were said over by Moshe!? We could have answered that since Moshe heard it directly from Hashem, and Bnei Yisroel heard it from Moshe, it is regarded as if they heard it directly from Hashem. However, based on our Gemora, that is incorrect!?


He answers that since when Moshe spoke, the Shechinah was talking through Moshe's throat, it was considered as if they heard the commandments directly from Hashem.