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Parshas Ki Savo: Judge This Book By Its Cover

ViSamta Bateneh" - "You shall place the Bikkurim in a basket"; Chazal tell us that the wealthy people would bring their Bikkurim in golden baskets which the Kohanim would return to them. As opposed to the poor who would bring it in wicker baskets which the Kohanim kept. Why did the Kohanim return the baskets to the wealthy who did not need their baskets, and keep the poor man's basket?

The Meforshim explain, this was in order not to shame the poor. The wealthy gave expensive, beautiful fruit. Even without the golden basket it looked impressive. Therefore the Kohanim returned the baskets to them. On the other hand, the poor gave low quality fruit. If it would have been removed from the basket, the poor man would be embarrassed. Therefore the Kohanim kept their fruit and the baskets.