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Rav Shlomo Freifeld - Now We Are All Talmidim
In Parshas Chayei Sara, Rashi quotes Rav Acha who says that the Torah repeats Eliezer's story because the words of the slaves of the Avos are more beautiful then the Torah of their children.  Many fundamental aspects of Torah can be learned from these stories.  In the book "Rav Shlomo" about Rav Shlomo Freifeld these same words ring very true.  This is not a book, it is a living and breathing Sefer Torah.  This book is unique in that it tells a story, in fact hundreds of stories about Rav Shlomo, woven in beautiful tapestry, by the author Rav Yisroel Besser, so seamlessly that you feel like you are reading one long story from beginning to end.

Rav Shlomo was so beloved, that the author, without any previous connection to Rav Shlomo, was able to cull together and amass an incredible amount of stories from so many devoted talmidim, happy to share memories of the their Rebbi.  Story after story with each one unique and significant  Each one giving light from a slightly different angle giving the reader a small understanding of a complex and giant of a man called Rav Shlomo.  Each story is a piece of 1,000 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle.  Each beautiful piece filling a unique space.  I would give an example of a story but there are two problems.  Which one to choose?  The larger problem is that any single story may leave the reader with the wrong picture of this multi faceted Tzaddik.  His life was an entirety of stories. 

In the forward Benjie Brecher, who was the driving force behind this book, confesses that he was skeptical that an outsider could understand Rav Shlomo enough to truly understand the depth of Rav Shlomo.  After seeing the completed work and calling it a masterpiece, he says that the author himself through the process "became a talmid of Rebbi".  As a reader I can tell you that thanks to Rav Yisroel Besser, thousands of people over the past couple of months have also become Talmidim of Rebbi by virtue of picking up the book and not putting it down until the pages no longer turn.