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Magid Of Mezeritch: A Hearty Appetite Will Feed The Poor
A wealthy man once came to visit Rav Do Ber the Magid of Mezeritch, the famed talmid and successor of the Baal Shem Tov.  During there conversation the Magid asked his visitor what he eats every day.  The man told him that he eats bread with salt and water.  The Magid scolded him and told him that he must eat like a rich man.  He should eat meat and fine drink befitting man of his stature.

When the audience was over and the visitor left, the Magid’s puzzled talmidim asked him why he insisted on the lavish diet?  What is wrong with a rich man who refuses to indulge in the riches of Olam HaZeh?  The Magid answered that if a rich man eats meat and fine drink, when a poor man tells him that he is in great need he will understand that the poor man needs at least enough money for bread and water.  However if the rich man himself subsists on bread and water, he will insist that the poor man can survive on rocks!