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Parshas Bamidbar: Math Quiz - One Son Out-Produces Ten
The Chofetz Chaim points out that Shevet Benyamin had 35,400 people while Shevet Dan had 62,700 people. Yet Dan had only 1 son while Benyamin had 10 sons. And not only was Chushim the only son of Dan, but he was deaf as well.

If at the beginning of the Galus Mitzrayim, we had tried to predict which of these two Shevatim would be larger a few generations forward, clearly the mathematical projection would have been that Shevet Benyamin would be far more populous than Shevet Dan. This statistical likelihood, of course, never materialized. The Choftez Chaim says that we learn from here that if Hashem wants to bless a person with many descendents, he will be blessed with many descendents, even if through natural factors that is unlikely. Conversely, if Hashem feels that a person should not merit many descendents, then it will not happen, even if he has the best situation "on paper".

This lesson applies to everything in life. Sometimes we look at a situation and ask - based on natural projections (derech haTeva) - how will this person earn a living? How will he be able to survive financially? Hashem has many messengers. Shevet Dan and Benyamin are testimony to the fact that Hashem controls the world. He has His own calculations. That which we think will happen, by the natural order of events, is not always what happens. Everything is in the Hands of Hashem.