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How To Survive A Financial Downturn

Rav Shimshon Pincus tells a story of a poor Tzaddik who every Motza’ei Shabbos would hand his wife the money she would need to make it through the week.  One week he simply had no money to give her.  During Melava Malka as they were singing, she began to cry.  She was bemoaning her fate and wondering how she would make it through the week.  The tzaddik seeing his wife crying during Melava Malka was sure he knew the source of her troubles.  In a sweet gentle voice he turned to her and said, “don’t worry my dear wife, Shabbos will be back again very soon.”

After hearing this story a number of years ago when we went through our own very difficult financial period, as part of our Melava Malka ritual I would turn to my wife who had the very same worries as the Rebbetzin and say, “don’t worry dear, Shabbos will be back again very soon”.  We would then chuckle and smile.  We chuckled because we both loved the story and thought we were very funny.  We smiled because we both knew how true it was.

Shabbosim were very special.  The week was full of worries and uncertainty.  Just making it through was a great ordeal.  Bills to pay, basic things you needed to buy but couldn’t pay for, how do you manage?  Then after six grueling days comes Shabbos Kodesh, like a peaceful island in a turbulent sea.  Nothing to buy, nothing to pay, you don’t cringe wondering who wants you on the telephone because it doesn’t ring.  

On Shabbos every pauper is a King.  You are financially secure for an entire day!  You leisurely make your way to Shul in your Shabbos finest.  You sit at your table and sing zemiros without a care in the world.  You take a well deserved nap.  You enjoy the children.  You spend time learning.  Nothing and no one can interfere with this great day of Shabbos.  Best of all, the whole thing doesn’t cost you a penny.  The money you spend on Shabbos is not part of your yearly allowance allotted to you on Rosh Hashana.  I ask you, does life get any better?  

Even now that Boruch Hashem we are back on our feet, we will always remember, cherish, and thank Hashem for those very special Shabbosim that literally saved our lives and our mental well-being.  No Shabbos since can ever compare.  It was true “Bein Ohr LaChoshech”.

Then came Motza’ei Shabbos again and the darkness set in without mercy.  The party was over and it was back into the water, trying to swim in the shark infested waves and survive.  The good news is that there are only 5 ½ days left until Shabbos again.  Hang in there.  Help is just around the corner and never too far away.

"Zachor Es Yom HaShabbos" to help you get through the week.  "Shamor Es Yom HaShabbos" cherish it when it arrives.