Section: DAF YOMI   Category: Lessons From The Daf
Gittin 23: Eliezer The Slave

Rabbi Chiya bar Abba said in the name of Rabbi Yochanan: A Canaanite slave is disqualified from serving as an agent to receive a woman's get from her husband because he is not included in the halachos of divorce and marriage.

Tosfos in Kesuvos (7b) writes that Eliezer was the agent of Yitzchak to marry Rivkah.  The Panim Yafos asks: How could Eliezer serve as the agent for marriage, when he was not included in the halachos of marriage.  He answers that this principle is only applicable when he is serving as an agent for another person. However, a slave may serve as an agent of his master for marriage and divorce, since he is considered the hand of the master.  This explains why Eliezer began by saying, "I am the slave of Avraham."

The Pardes Yosef asks that this does not explain how Eliezer could marry Rivkah on behalf of Yitzchak! Eliezer belonged to Avraham; not to Yitzchak!?  He answers that this is why Avraham gave over all his possessions to Yitzchak, including his slave, Eliezer. Once Eliezer belonged to Yitzchak, he could serve as his agent.