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Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz: Moshiach’s Arrival – Why No One Knows But Always Says They Know

The Pasuk says in Eicha (1:54), “Karasi L’mAhavai V’Heima Rimuni”, I called to my loved ones and they tricked me. The Medrash says that this refers to the Chachomim who instituted Truma and Chalah in Bavel.

Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz explains this Medrash (Yaaros Devash vol. 2, 6).  The Zohar asks why is it that the time of the geula is hidden?  Moreover why do the Chachomim always predict when the geula will arrive if we all know that this is a well kept secret?  The answer is that if Am Yisroel would know the truth when the geula will be, we would have long ago committed suicide out of anguish, and all would have been lost.  Certainly in the many dark days of murder and plunder against us, we would not have the strength to continue to survive.  Therefore our leaders constantly scream, “Chazu D’Asa”, look, here he comes!  With this cry they strengthen weak knees.  Each time Tzorus befall us we are told that this is the Chevlei Moshiach.

This is the meaning of Yirmiyahu’s cry (13:17), “BiMistarim Tivkeh Nafshi” because the timing of the geula is kept a secret, my heart cries.  Yirmiyahu cries because the very secretive nature is a sign that the geula is far off in the distance.

The rational for instituting Truma in Bavel, says Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz, was that any day Moshiach would arrive and they needed to keep fresh in knowing the halachos of Truma.  In hindsight after nearly 2,000 years, this was totally unnecessary.  It was merely a ploy to have them believe that the geula is imminent, so that they would not lose hope.  This was the “Rimuni”, the trickery needed to keep us afloat throughout the long and bitter galus.  

Im Kol Zeh Achakeh Lo B'Chol Yom SheYavo!