Section: Hanhagos   Category: Kulam Tzadikim
Adding The Personal Touch
There is a minhag to give tzedaka when entering Shul and saying the pasuk from Tehilim (17) “Ani B’Tzedek Echezeh Panecha”, I with Tzedek (or in the case Tzedoka) will see Your face.  The reason we say this pasuk is because we do everything possible to make our Tefilos successful, so we take Dovid HaMelech’s advice and give some tzedoka, as a way to be zocheh to achieve the ultimate through our tefilos.

The deeper point of saying this pasuk is because we do mitzvos through action, words, and thoughts.  Each Mitzva should if possible contain all three elements and not just remain an action on the surface without penetrating deeper inside of us.  The words make us think and hopefully internalize our actions.

In my shul there are 4 pushkos at the door and one of them is for Matan B’Seser.  Giving anonymously without knowing to whom it is going is a very high Madreiga of tzedoka because it doesn't embarrass the recipient and it also doesn’t allow you to feel haughty about giving because you don’t know to whom it goes.  Although I haven’t seen it brought down anywhere, I see that when one of the Mispalilim puts money into this Pushka, he add the words from the Pasuk in Mishlei (21:14) “Matan B’Seser Yichpeh Af”; giving anonymously covers over Hashem’s anger.  Seems appropriate for our trouble times, when Hashem’s anger seems to be brewing, k’viyachol.

Yesterday I saw a person come into Shul put money into the Pushka and say the Pasuk in Yeshaya (1:27) “Tzion BiMishpat Tipadeh, V’Shaveha B’Tzdaka”, Tzion will be redeemed with justice and will return with Tzedoka.  Seems appropriate for the three weeks.

Why do I tell you all this?  The point is that while there are minhagim that you can follow and should, a person should do what he can to add life to his mitzvos.  Saying a pasuk while doing a mitzva can supercharge the mitzva and make it have far more impact than just going through the motions.

Next time you do a mitzva take a moment to think about it and make it personal (obviously within the confines of halacha).  Add a little heart from deep within.  There is nothing Hashem loves more than the personal touch.