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Shabbos Is Coming We’re So Happy...

“L’Chu Niranina L’ashem Nari’a L’Tzur Yisheinu”, these words from Kabalas Shabbos are found at the end of Shir Shel Yom of Yom Revi’i.  The mere utterance of these words gets every Jew excited that Shabbos is just around the corner.  Therefore Be”H we will start our Likras Shabbos column, trying to give us an extra feeling of appreciation for Shabbos and build the anticipation for Kabalas Pnei Shabbos HaMalka, to carry us through the rest of the week and into Shabbos.  We hope you enjoy.
Hashem created a physical world in six days – a world which He hides His presence and allows evil into the world, making it possible for man to go against His will. However, when the seventh day of Shabbos arrives, all the materialistic matters of the world come to a halt.  Shabbos is entirely kedusha, tahara, kavod and oneg –the malchus of Hashem and His goodness lighting up the world.  Shabbos is the purpose and completion of the entire Creation; the physical world stops and all that remains is kavod Shamayim – revealed in its essence and strength. 
Hashem established Shabbos to be the source of brachos for all of bracha, life, and kedusha in the world.  The seventh day fills the world with all of the vitality for the following six days.  However, in truth, Shabbos is not the source for kedushah and bracha; Hakadosh Boruch Hu is the Source of all, but on Shabbos, Hashem’s rule and His Shechinah is actuated.  This is the essence of Shabbos –the gate through which the Shechina of Hashem comes to our world.   
Chazal say that Shabbos is the name of Hakadosh Boruch Hu.  The true meaning of a name is that a person is recognized through his name.  Rav Shimshon Pincus in Shabbos Malkasa explains that if Reuven lives alone in a desert, his name is useless.  Shabbos is the name of Hashem because through Shabbos, we are provided the opportunity to draw close to Him and to recognize His greatness.

On Shabbos, Hashem’s light shines away the darkness of creation.  “Mei’ein Olam Haba Yom Shabbos Menucha”, Shabbos is a small sampling of Olam Haba, which is a pure world with out “Cheit”, where Hashem’s presence is revealed.  To get a taste of the world in it’s perfect state, this is the purpose of Shabbos.