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The Gateshead Rov Was Waiting For His Call
A number of years ago, a friend of mine from another town was getting married in Gateshead.  He stayed in our house the day before the Chasuna, and his parents would be joining him on the big day itself.

The Chosson had an appointment to make final arrangements at the Rov zt”l house at 10.30pm. It was mid-winter, and on the way he slipped on the ice but thankfully was not badly hurt. He rushed straight on to his appointment so as not to keep the Rov waiting.

As he arrived, the Rov noticed that he was somewhat shaken, and asked him what had happened. He explained that it was just a slip and nothing serious.  At the end of the meeting, the Rov asked where he was spending the night. He then instructed him to call him when he arrives safely at our home. The Chosson explained that he was not going directly to our house, as he was making a few other calls first. The Rov insisted that he call when he finally arrived.

When he did finally arrive, the Chosson was in a quandary. It was now close to midnight, and he would normally not dare disturb the Rov at such an hour!  My advice to him was "If the Rov told you to call, you'd better do so."  Still hesitant, he followed my advice hoping that he would not be disturbing.

The Rov immediately answered, and said "Ah! I've been waiting for your call!  I'm pleased you are ok. Sleep well and have a good night."