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Tzipisa L'Geula - Are You Waiting Anxiously?
When you come to Shamayim one of the first things they will ask you is “Tzipisa L’Geula”; were you anxiously awaiting the Geula?  More than being one of the 13 fundamental principles of Yehadus, the Rambam in Peirush HaMishnayos says that you need to be Mispalel for the Geula to come.  In Hilchos Milachim (11:1) he says that whoever does not wait and expect Moshiach’s imminent arrival is a Kofer BaTorah.  What this means, say Rav Yosef Rubinstein in his Kuntras Bais Kodsheinu V’Sifarteinu, is that if you are not waiting anxiously it is because you don’t really believe that great things will happen when he comes.

According to the Smak waiting for Moshiach is even a Mitzvas Aseh.  It is included in the Mitzva of “Anochi Hashem Elokecha Asher Hotzaeisicha MeiEretz Mitzrayim”.  The Smak says that this Mitzva of Anochi means that just like hashem took us out of Mitzrayim, so too will He take us out of this Galus and bring the Geula.  Rabbeinu Peretz explains the Smak, saying that since the Aseres HaDibros are commandments, Anochi is also a commandment to wait for the Geula and not just a matter of belief.

It was not for nothing that the Chofetz Chain kept a packed suitcase always at hand, ready to go at any moment.  It is not for nothing that tzaddikim cry bitter tears every night while saying Tikun Chatzos over the Churban and the Galus HaShechina.  Maybe we aren’t quite ready for this, but everyday we daven three times a day in numerous Brachos in Shemoneh Esrei for the Geula, Yerushalayim, and Moshiach.  This is a Mitzva D’Oiraisa.  Let’s make it count!