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Piru UíRivu: Getting Married and Having Children, Are They One and The Same?
In his Sefer HaMitzvos, the Rambam lists as two separate Mitzvos, Mitzvas Aseh 212 Piru U’Rivu to have children and then Mitzvas Aseh 213 Kidushin, getting married.  According to the Rambam these are two distinct mitzvos.  The Rosh in Kesubos (1:12) argues and holds that Kidushin is a step in the road to the Mitzva of Piru U’Rivu and is not a separate mitzva in and of itself.   

The Shevet HaLevi (6:207) brings the Makneh in Kidushin (41) that says, according to the Rambam who holds that Kidushin is a separate mitzva from Piru U’Rivu, although a woman is patur from Piru U’Rivu she nevertheless has a mitzva of Kidushin, meaning she has a mitzva not to enter into a marital relationship with a man until a valid Kidushin has been done.  The Shevet HaLevi wonders about this statement since the Rambam himself writes at the end of all the Mitzvos Aseh, that among the mitzvos Aseh that women are not obligated to perform is the mitzva of Kidushin.

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