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40 Days To Rectify The Aveira Of Meraglim

On 29th of Sivan the Meraglim left for Eretz Yisroel changing the course of Jewish History forever.  This was right after Miriam came back to the camp, after herself suffering with tzoraas for speaking about her brother Moshe Rabbeinu.  Yet the Meraglim didn’t learn their lesson.  These 40 days culminated on Tisha B’Av, which became a day of tragedy for all generations.

Today Am Yisroel is in danger all over the world.  The Gemara in Shabbos (33a) says, "Because of Nivul Peh there are many troubles and bad decrees are enacted.  Young men die and orphans and widows cries go unanswered."  Rav Chaim Kanievsky has said that Nivul Peh includes rechilus, loshon hora, and cursing others. 

Chazal tell us that Tisha B’Av will one day become a great Yom Tov.  When?  When we make it happen. We can be Misaken the chait of the Meraglim by refraining from speaking Lashon Hara during the period of their disastrous mission which goes from now until Tisha B'Av. Maybe this year we will celebrate a joyous Tisha B’Av. It’s all up to us! 

“Zachor Eis Asher Asa Hashem L’Miriam BaDerech B’Tzaischem MiMitzrayim”

The Ramban and other Rishonim count among the Mitzvos Aseh Min HaTorah the mitzva of remembering and saying with your mouth each day what Hashem did to Miriam when she spoke about her brother Moshe.  The Chofetz Chaim in Shaar Tvunah Perek 12 says that being Mikayem this mitzva can save you from the aveira of Lashon Hara.  More than just saying the pasuk, says the Chofetz Chaim, one must think about the incident in order for it to have its intended effect.

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