Section: Halacha   Category: Food
The Problematic Papaya

HaAdama…surprisingly.  The Papaya looks like a tree and has all the qualifications of a tree as determined by Chazal.  However it lack some key botanical features of a tree and exhibits properties of a “Yerek”.  For example it produces fruit within the first year it is planted.  Also its trunk is hollow unlike a fruit tree.

Because we do not know what bracha to make so HaAdama is safer bet.  Therefore if you are going to eat a fruit as well, make HaAdama on the Papaya first.  If you make HaEitz first on the fruit you may have “Patur’d” the papaya from a Bracha.

For the purpose of Urlah we are machmir and treat it as a tree and do not use the fruit produced the first three years.  (This is a problem considering the short life span of the tree.)  (V'Zos HaBracha)