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Parshas Korach: Pidyon HaBen Can You Spread the Wealth? Maharit Algazi-Minchas Chinuch

Is it permitted to break up the five Sela’im of the Pidyon ha’Ben and give it to a number of Kohanim? The Minchas Chinuch says that one may do as long as each Kohen receives at least a Shaveh Peruta. The Maharit Algazi says that even if the first Kohen who received the money lost or spent the money by the time you completed giving the five Sela’im to the last Kohen it is a valid Pidyon as long as the money was given after thirty days. However if the money was given to the Kohen prior to thirty days it is only a valid Pidyon if the Kohen still had the money when the child reached thirty days old.

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