Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Numbers & Letters
Parshas Shelach Vilna Gaon- What Is The Connection Between Tzitzis and Shabbos?
At the end of the Parsha we find the MiKoshes Eitzin being Michalel Shabbos and then immediately following this is the Parsha of Tzitzis.  The Vilna Gaon offers an explanation for the connection.  

On our Tzitzis we make five knots.  In the four gaps between these knots we wrap one of the strings around the others.  The number of times we wrap the other strings in these four gaps are 7,8,11,13 for a total of 39.  

Similarly on Shabbos there are 39 Avos Melachos, which are categorized into four groups.  The process of baking bread consists of 13 Melachos, making clothing 11, preparing parchment and writing 8, and the remaining Melachos 7.  

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