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Debriciner Rov: I Thought Even Visiting Eretz Yisroel For One Day Was A Mitzva Until...

According to the Ramban there is Mitzvas Aseh of Yishuv HaAretz.  If someone comes for a short or even long visit has he fulfilled the mitzva in any way?  The Be'er Moshe addresses this question (in his Kuntras on Dinei Eretz Yisroel pg. 325) and he initially said yes. 
He says there is a machlokes between the early Acharonim, the Binyomin Ze'ev (85) and the Knesses HaGedola (75).  From the words of the Ramban, who counts this mitzva among the 248 Mitzvos Aseh, it seems that unless you are staying permanently there is no Kiyum HaMitzva since the whole purpose is to settle the land and control it.  This says the Ramban applies for all generation even in the Galus.  The Be'er Moshe does however add that it may not be a far stretch to say that even the Ramban holds that if you come to absorb the Kedushas HaAretz even for a day or two you may be Mikayem the Mitzva.  He also says that this seems to be the opinion of the Chasam Sofer in Succah 36b. 
However says the Debriciner Rov, one late night before he was planning to publish his writings on matters pertaining to Eretz Yisroel, the Satmar Rov spoke to him behind locked doors for two and a half hours.  During their discussion he told him that there is a different explanation in the Chasam Sofer.  Furthermore the Megilas Ester says that the reason why the Rambam omitted Mitzvas Yishuv HaAretz from his Minyan HaMitzvos is because there is no Mitzva after Churban Bayis Sheini.  Furthermore the gemara in Kesubos (11a) says it is forbidden to take Eretz Yisroel by force. 

The Satmar Rov also shared with him the secrets and the depths of his position on Yishuv Eretz Yisroel, which the Debriciner Rov said he couldn't reveal publicly because of the deluge of corrupt ideas floating about and the smallness of people's mind's to comprehend it.
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