Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Quick Vort
Parshas Shelach: Maskil L'Dovid - Moshe's Suspected Conspiracy Against Yehoshua
 "And Moshe called Hoshea Bin Nun, Yehoshua." Rashi explains that Moshe davened for Yehoshua - "Kah Yoshiacha MayAtzas Meraglim; Hashem should save you from the plan of the spies." Why did Moshe specifically daven for Yehoshua more than the other spies?  

Maskil L'Dovid answers that since Eldad and Meidad prophesized,   "Moshe will die and Yehoshua will be bring them into Eretz Yisrael," Moshe wanted to make sure that Yehoshua will not die during this ordeal. If Yehoshua were to die, people might have accused Moshe of specifically sending Yehoshua on this excursion to have him killed and allow Moshe to return as leader. That is why he singled out Yehoshua to daven for him.