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Parshas Bahaloscha: Rav Shamshon Refoel Hirsch - Eldad & Meidad Prove That Greatness And Stature Are Not Related
Moshe Rabbeinu tells Hashem that he cannot lead Bnei Yisroel alone.  Hashem tells Moshe to gather 70 zekeinim in front of the Mishkan.  Hashem then gives these zekeinim the Ruach of Moshe Rabbeinu.  Eldad and Meidad are not included in this group, but they also get this Ruach and start saying Nevuah in the Machaneh. 
Rav Shamshon Refoel Hirsh says that we learn from here that being appointed to an important position is not connected in any way to advancing in Kedusha.  If a person is worthy of Ruach HaKodesh he will receive it whether he is officially a Rov, Rosh Yeshiva, or a simple Jew lacking any formal position. Eldad and Meidad were great men who were worthy of being one of the zekeinim.  Their exclusion from this elite group did not in any way diminish their ability to reach great level of Dveykus B'ashem.