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Rav Hutner the Shadchan
Yaakov was the top bochur in his yeshivah.  He was known not only for his intellectual capabilities, but for his yiras Shamayim and refined middos as well.  Therefore, it was quite a surprise to everybody that Yaakov was having problems with shidduchim.  It wasn’t for lack of opportunities, since he had gone out on countless dates, but nothing ever seemed to materialize.  Yaakov was already in his late twenties, and he was beginning to despair.  A veil of sadness could be discerned beneath his normally happy disposition.   

Despite his personal problems, Yaakov continued to learn with hasmada and was mapkid on his sedarim.  However, one day he made an exception to his normally tight schedule to attend the bris of his chavrusa’s son in the Beis Medrash of the Gaon, HaRav Yitzchak Hutner, z’tl.  It was the first time since he had arrived at the yeshivah that he didn’t go directly to the yeshivah’s Beis Medrash after davening.  

After the bris, the attendants crowded around Rav Hutner to greet him and receive a bracha.  Rav Hutner nodded to each person in greeting.  When Rav Hutner spotted Yaakov, he stared at him with his piercing gaze and whispered to him that Yaakov should meet him in his private office as he wished to speak with him. Apparently, Rav Hutner was able to discern Yaakov’s unspoken distress.
Yaakov stood by the door of Rav Hutner’s office, wondering what Rav Hutner could possibly wish to speak to him about.  A few minutes passed and Rav Hutner appeared, and ushered Yaakov inside his office.  The door closed, and Yaakov suddenly broke down.  His emotions from years of internalizing his sorrow and loneliness were released.  There was no need to explain – Rav Hutner understood everything.
Rav Hutner spoke, “I have a segulah, a mesorah from our rabannim; answering Amen Yehah Shemah Rabbah with all one’s koach. Answering Amen Yehah Shemma Rabbah is a tefillah for the magnification of kavod Shamayim, and through it, one fulfills the mitzvah of kavod Hashem.  It’s possible that once in your life you were mechallel the shem Shamayim and due to this, the gates of Shamayim have been closed to you.  When you answer Amen, Yehay Shemay Rabbah loudly and with kavanah, you are mekadesh the Shem Shamayim. This is a tested segulah - if you persist in following it, you’ll soon merit to stand at the chuppa, and if you’ll continue afterwards, you’ll also merit a bris.”  
Yaakov thanked Rav Hutner, left the office and returned to yeshivah.  On the way, he thought to himself that the eitzah of a Gadol Hador is not only a segula, but also an horaah, and an horaah one must fulfill forever. When Mincha arrived, Yaakov already began to say Amen, Yehay Shemah Rabba loudly and with kavanah.  A few short weeks later, Yaakov became a chassan and a year later, he was zoche to a son.  Rav Hutner was honored with sandakus.    (Shiru  Lamelech)