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Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai: Is the Trend Your Friend?
The Gemara in Succah (45b) quotes Rebbi Shimon, "I have seen the people "on top" and they are few. If there are 1,000, I and my son are among them. If there are 100, I and my son are among them, if there are 2, I and my son are among them." The Likutei Basar Likutei explains that Rebbi Shimon is saying that even if doing the right thing is not very popular and not in vogue one must nevertheless act properly. Rebbi Shimon taught us that no matter how many or few people choose to follow the right path I and my son will. Even if it means we are the only 2 standing against world.

Bar Yochai Fortunate is the one who gave birth to you, Fortunate is the Nation who learns your Torah!