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Parshas Bichukosai: Rav Chaim Kanievsky The Long Path of Torah Leads to Great Rewards
The Torah tells that “Im Bichukosai Teileichu…”; if you go in the way of the laws you will receive all the bracha. Rashi brings the Toras Kohanim that says the Bichukosai Teileichu means that you will toil in learning Torah. How do we know this?  Why out of all the mitzvos does the Toras Kohanim know that “Chukosai” in this instance refers to toiling in Torah?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky says while the word Chukosai can mean any mitzva, we know that this refers to learning Torah from the word “Teileichu”, to go.  Torah is like a path.  You cannot stand idle you must continuously plunge deeper and deeper and continue down this never ending path.  In reward for this constant striving and working you will reap great rewards.