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U’Sfartem Lachem by Rav Daniel Frisch zt”l
For years, while counting Sefiras HaOmer every night I wondered what the middos were all about.  Week after week as we went through the matrix of Chesed, Gvura… I knew it must mean something but I never saw it discussed anywhere.  I figured since Sefiras HaOmer is about spiritual growth and preparation for Kabalas HaTorah, these middos must describe the road from here to there, but it was sealed book to me.  Until one day around six years ago I discovered a Sefer dedicated to this very topic.

It is written by Rav Daniel Frisch zt”l from Toldos Aharon who was niftar 5765/2005 just three years ago.  During the Holocaust as a young boy he managed to survive the camps and made his way to Eretz Yisroel.  He was a well known Mekubal in Yerushalayim and a widespread disseminator of Kabalah, writing among other works, his popular peirush on Zohar, Masok M’Dvash which has become the gold standard today.  

In the Sefer each day has two tracks.  One describes the sefiros and three ways how a person should improve that day in his relationship with Hashem.  The second track describes three ways how the sefiros relate to a persons behavior Bein Adam L’Chaveiro.  This book is easy to understand and speaks to people of all levels. The 34 page forward gives depth and insight to the avodah of the days of Sefira and the importance of Tikun HaMiddos.  

For me and other people not familiar with kabalah you must take much for granted.  For example each middah is said to at various times to represent different emotions and avodos.  This left me a bit confused but the fact is that all these different things are all connected and represent various aspects of the same middah.  

Haskamos were given by the Eidah HaChareidis and Rav Yechiel Fishel Eisenbach the Rosh Yeshiva of Shaar HaShamayim a Yeshiva for Mekubalim in Yerushalayim and one of the places where Rav Frisch gave shiurim.  It was first published in 5761/2001.  Later small pocket size summary was published by the Keren Birchas Avrohom.  We have included in our daily offering a short glimpse of the sefira of the day primarily based on this sefer and it is available as a daily email.

This sefer is a must have for all those who want to use sefiras ha’omer as a time for self improvement as the Torah intended.