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Parshas Kedoshim: Do You Want to Know What Real Holiness Is?
While we don’t understand the impact and the reward of one mitzva versus another, there are some mitzvos that are put on pedestals by Chazal.  From the many mitzvos, certain ones are associated with Kedusha, holiness.  Off the top of most people's heads comes the Mitzva of Shabbos.  “Kedushas Shabbos,” is a familiar term.  When Shabbos comes around the atmosphere is tangibly different.  We bask in the glow of Shabbos.  We are uplifted by our honored guest, the holy Shabbos HaMalka.

Kibbud Av V’Eim, on the other hand, can sometimes be a test of endurance and tolerance.  We know we must honor our parents, but the demands are trivial, and we are not always enthusiastic to accommodate.  But we know it is a great mitzva, if not always a spiritual lift.  Do we ever think of the mundane acts we do to please our parents as “holy”?

It seems that the pasuk in Kedoshim (19:2) is coming to correct this serious miscalculation.  The pasuk tells us, “Kedoshim Tihiyu; Be holy."  Immediately after that is says, “Ish Imo V’Aviv Tira’u; Fear your mother and father."  Only after that does it say, “V’Es Shabsosai Tishmoru; Keep Shabbos."