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Parshas Vayikra: Small Becomes Big

He called to Moshe." (Vayikra 1:1). The first word of this week's Parsha, Vayikra, is written with a small alef at the end. Chazal tell us that this was a compromise between Hashem and Moshe. When Hashem called out to Moshe, which signifies a very special honor, Moshe, who was extremely humble, didn't want to write it that way. He asked Hashem whether he could skip the Alef and write "Vayikar", which means, "He chanced" upon Moshe. Hashem said, "No, but you may write it with a small letter."

With this, we can understand a very amazing Medrash. We know that Moshe had rays of light shining from his face. The Medrash says that this came about when Moshe took the leftover ink from his quill and put it on his face. It gave him a special light. What ink was leftover? Why didn't Moshe have exactly the right amount of ink needed? In a homiletic approach we can understand it based on the previous thought. Moshe was an extremely humble person. He wanted to make sure that no attention is called to his greatness. Therefore, he wanted to write "Vayikar", and finally wrote "Vayikra" with a small Alef. When a person makes himself smaller, he eventually becomes greater, because people who are humble are those we appreciate and acknowledge. Anyone who runs from Kavod eventually receives even more Kovod. Moshe, who did not want anyone to know that Hashem called to him in a special way, ended up receiving even more Kavod, when his face shone before all, due to his communication with Hashem.