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Parshas VaYikra: Ben Ish Chai - Freebies Are Nice If You Have Your Own

"V'Nefesh Ki Sakriv Korbon Mincha LaShem" (Vayikra 2:1).  The Ben Ish Chai in Ben Yehoyada Al HaTorah tells a story of a rich person who embarrasses a tzaddik in Shul. Later that day the tzaddik sends a basket of fruit to the rich parson with a note. "This morning when you embarrassed me you generously gave me all your mitzvos, so now I'd like you send you a gift as well." Mitzvos that we receive from others who speak Lashon Hara or embarrass us are called a gift "a Mincha".

However warns the Ben Ish Chai if these mitzvos that you bring with you to Shamayim are greater than your own personal mitzvos it will be quite embarrassing for you. You didn't really earn these. Therefore he says make sure that the mitzvos you earn yourself are even greater.

This is hinted in the words of the pasuk, "V'Nefesh Ki Sakriv Korbon Mincha LaShem", a person who brings with him other people's mitzvos to Shamayim. "Soless Yihiyeh Korbonoy"; his own Korbon, his own mitzvos should be clean and pure like fine flour.