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Megilas Esther: The Men Talk Tough, But The Women Rule!
Memuchan, who Chazal tell us is Haman, gave Achashveirosh the advice to send out a message to his people that "a man rules his home." It was such a silly message for the population that the Gemara says that as the world learned of it, they mocked Achashveirosh and his declarations.

What was Haman's reason for such a plan? Some say that Haman had just done away with Vashti, and he wanted to be the top advisor in the government. He was afraid that the new queen was going to be a close confidant of the king and become something of a "co-president". In order to ensure his powerful position, he made the future queen's advice irrelevant because "the man runs the home."

Later on, we will learn that when Haman accepted the advice of his wife, Zeresh and built the gallows to hang Mordechai, he broke the law that he had instituted and that directly led to Achashveirosh's "breaking the law" and listening to his wife, Esther, and hanging Haman. There is a reason the story unfolds the way it does; it took some time for the events to occur, but Haman fell into his own trap - not just being hung on the tree that he wanted to hang Mordechai on, but having his own advice work against him. This is the greatness of this story.