Section: Moadim   Category: Megilas Esther
At Achashveirosh's Party, Who Turned Down The Music?

The first perek of Megila Esther tells us about the lavish party that Achashveirosh held.  It describes in great detail the wealth, the vessels and the abundance of food available for every attendee. The party was suited to each guest's specific tastes.

The Manos Levi brings down an argument among Rishonim over whether the party had music or not. One reason they might not have had music is because with all the other senses, a person has the option of tuning out; but when it comes to live music, your ears would pick up the sound whether you wanted to hear it or not. Since it could not be separated according to each guest's personal preferences and desires, it must not have been there.

Some explain that the absence of music was as a result of the Yehudim having been invited to the parties. Since it was during the time between the first and second Bais HaMikdash, the Yehudim would not have attended had there been music. To ensure the Jews' participation, there was no music scheduled at the party.

Some say that music may be nice to hear, but that it takes concentration away from the "taste" process. Since it opposes the sense of taste, Achashveirosh chose not to have any at his party.